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But by the looks of my subject box something more important came up.(I'd like to thank the Hoag for sending me this story.)Seems there is a big carnival in Rio De Janeiro and some group of brainiacs decided to make a float with big piles of dead Jews on it and then have a guy dressed as Hitler standing on top of it. But the folks running the carnival ain't gonna let them. They won't let them have a carnival float depicting dead jews with Hitler standing on top of them.

Here is the link to the full story: has the world come to when ya can't view a parade with dead Jews on a carnival float?

She has found a place in my heart through that hug - it really reminded me of my mom.

Susanne Pinedo Public Relations As a publicist, Susanne has an infinite passion for providing top-quality, outside-the-box public relations and communications services.

And yes, these threading ladies are difficult to find.

He trains voice actors in the areas of television promo and trailers, conducting sessions both in-studio and via Skype.

Now this in itself may not strike you as funny or odd.

But a lot of these men come in and very sweetly flirt with her.

First off I'd like to apologize for not having another blog post about starving mud cookie eatin' Haitians.

You come to expect those kinda heart warming, belly fillin' stories.

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