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Their replacements are largely unknown in an area that has a history of voting for name-brand candidates over party politics.

Only Finance Minister Dwight Duncan in Windsor-Tecumseh is running again and is expected to keep his seat.“Up until now, because Sandra and Dwight and Bruce were all so personally popular, all three of them had just been incumbents for so long that name recognition made a big deal,” said University of Windsor political scientist Lydia Miljan.

Chatham-Kent-Essex Liberal MPP Pat Hoy also announced he wasn’t running again.

Although lesser-known, he nevertheless held the riding since 1995.

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Hoy remembers when the bill finally passed in 2007, it was accepted immediately by the government and didn't even go to Third Reading.Noting there is still a lot to be done, she said, “we have also seen some incredible work accomplished in the areas of research and education, legislative reform to better protect human rights and better protect workers from gender workplace violence and harassment.” The inquest into Vince's death revealed she had reported to her employer about being sexual harassed by her supervisor 18 months before he murdered her.But Ontario's Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Human Rights Code proved at that time to be inadequate to address the issues she faced.“The whole purpose of the (Dupont) inquest and the work that her family did, was to make sure that another family wouldn't go through what they had gone through . “Those things are very difficult to have to deal with in (doing) this work, when we're trying so hard to make those forward strides,” Schryer said.The latest victory in the fight was won March 8 of this year when Bill 132 was passed to reform the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which recognizes that sexual harassment is a workplace danger.

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