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Formerly an award-winning print journalist and Capitol Hill staffer, Eisenstadt has worked as a consultant for USAID, the Organization of American States, and several development companies, including, most recently, Democracy International (2015).From 2009-2012 Eisenstadt served as chair of the Department of Government, has been the Doctoral Program Director there, and is presently vice chair of the Faculty Senate (2015-16).Thus, "[e]ven on the assumption that the fear of pregnancy operates as a deterrent to fornication, the Massachusetts statute is so riddled with exceptions that deterrence of premarital sex cannot reasonably be regarded as its aim." was decided, fornication was a misdemeanor punishable by a small fine or up to three months in jail, while violation of the prohibition of distribution of contraceptives to unmarried persons) was a felony, punishable by up to five years in the state prison. Professor Eisenstadt's research focuses on the intersection of formal institutions and laws with informal institutions and practices, mostly in democratizing countries in Latin America.Matt’s practice is focused on commercial real estate and real estate related transactions with primary emphasis on commercial lease negotiations and drafting.

Fly overnight to Reykjavík and take a guided tour of the old town, including the imposing and modern Hallgrímskirkja church.Meanwhile videos of Martin started to surface on the web: the 10-part BBC documentary that followed him around (called The Last Republican), the rebuttals that Marty had to issue because he came across so bad; and Marty's denial of a sex tape with Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.Time Magazine named him one of America's "elite Twitterati", Arianna Huffington personally invited him to blog for her, and Ashton Kutcher wanted to do a TV show with him.MSNBC ran with Martin's admission as "breaking news." Two days later, The New York Times revealed that filmmakers Dan Mirvish and Eitan Gorlin were the two creators of the fictional Martin Eisenstadt.The story got picked up by AP, Washington Post, ABC News, CNN, NPR, BBC and newspapers in every country in the world.

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