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Blair and Dan again team up to save Rufus Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen's marriage after William van der Woodsen arrives in town to ruin it (Ex-Husbands and Wives).! After Serena is drugged, Blair and Dan work together to find Juliet Sharp and take her down, as well as find out what her motives are for destroying Serena's life.They ask Gossip Girl, who provides them with an address in Connecticut.He convinces her to take a chance and do it, until Vanessa Abrams admits to him that Blair and Chuck recently used her as a pawn in one of their games.Angry, Dan instills doubt in Blair, who then humiliates herself in front of Chuck (Pret-a-Poor-J).

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They begin to compete, and eventually make a bet that whoever can bring the best author to the W Party that night can stay at the magazine while the other resigns.However, Blair manages to forgive him by the five years flash-forward.Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf do not have a friendship or romantic relationship in the Gossip Girl novels, although some tension is portrayed.She realizes this is the wrong choice after she discovers he sabotaged her.The two get into a physical brawl and both are fired.

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